Château Abbaye de Moutiers

1, place de l'Abbaye
Côte d'Or
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Considered the oldest abbey in Burgundy, the Royal Abbey of Moutiers-Saint-Jean is also the least known. Founded around 450 by Saint Jean de Réome at a place called Corsaint, it was transferred in the 6th century to its present location.
The 12th century abbey church, destroyed during the Revolution, had nothing to envy to those of Vézelay or Autun, as shown by the capitals preserved in the Louvre Museum or the portal reassembled in the Cloisters Museum in New York
At the end of the 17th century, the Maurist reform and the wise administration of the Commendatory Abbot Claude Charles de Rochechouart de Chandenier, a friend of Saint Vincent de Paul, marked the beginning of rebuilding and a new expansion.
In the 18th century, the title of Abbot of Moutiers-Saint-Jean was given to the Bishop-Dukes of Langres to compensate them for the creation of a bishopric in Dijon. It was these princes of the Church, and in particular Monseigneur de Montmorin de Saint Hérem, who had the Abbey Palace built between 1747 and 1763 by the architect Claude Louis d'Aviler.
Today you can visit the 18th century furnished rooms with their gypsum decorations, the Bishop and Duke of Langres' bathing apartment and his valet's room, the cloister, the gallery with its classified floor, the grand staircase and two furnished rooms.
By your visit you will participate in the safeguarding of these places whose 1500 years of history deserve our commitment to all.
Thierry de Chamilly and Olivier de Clarembaut.

Labelled "Demeure Historique" and "Vieilles Maisons Françaises".

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