Atelier Les Blés d'Or Pays des Fées

19, route du Haut
71460 - AMEUGNY
Ph. +33 XX XX XX XX
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When Lyne and Guy bought their little house in South Burgundy, they did not yet that they were « called » …
But the Fairies, often unpredictable, have inside themselves as much wisdom and patience than the old world.
Once the house was restored, it was time to organize the garden. In spite of the importance of work, they felt like they were guided, probably by the people of the Fairy to scatter vegetal and mineral elements, whereas their artistic activity was definitely oriented towards the more and more present celebration of an enchanting world.
Thus, throughout the years, characters formed themselves : dreamer or mischievous Fairies, cheeky Pixies and gracious Elves, wise Gnomes, peaceful Dragons, light Water Sprites ; now they invade this garden that they have actually been destined for since such a long time.

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Atelier Les Blés d'Or Pays des Fées - AMEUGNY


Letzte Aktualisierung : 11/12/2020

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