Eglise Saint-Léger

Paroisse 9, rue Général Bouchu
21120 - IS-SUR-TILLE
Côte d'Or
Ph. +33 XX XX XX XX
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The church of Saint-Léger in Is-sur-Tille has an original silhouette which results from its eventful history. Built in the 12th century on the site of an older place of worship (as attested by the discovery of Merovingian sarcophagi in the 1960s), it has been altered many times. Around 1420, it was surrounded by a rampart with 9 towers in order to make it a refuge during invasions. It was rebuilt in the 16th century and then, in 1620, its bell tower collapsed. The need to rebuild it quickly probably explains the unusual choice of its location as well as the irregularity of the gable on the façade. Other works also took place in the 18th century. More recently, between 2007 and 2009, the church has undergone renovation work as well as a renovation of its exterior and interior
The bell tower, covered with glazed tiles typical of Burgundy architecture, has three bells, the largest of which, named Louise, weighs 1802 kg.

The St. Léger Church of Is-sur-Tille illustrates an original silhouette due to its turbulent history. Built during the 12th C on an ancient religious place, she was reshuffled several times. Near 1420, she was circled by rampart with nine towers in order to become a refuge in the event of invasions. She was rebuilt during the 16th C, but then in 1620 its tower bell has fall down. The emergency to build up a new tower bell explain its place's choice. Later, renovations were made during the 18th C, and more recently in 2007 and 2009, to embellish its exterior and interior aspect. About its tower bell, its varnish roofing tiles are typical of Burgundian architecture.


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