La Pyramide du Loup

Les Gilats
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The Pyramid of the Wolf, an eco-museum where the senses are awakened by nature!
In the heart of a wooded area, the Wolf Pyramid awaits you to plunge into the world of the wolf and biodiversity! Go on an adventure and travel through time to better understand the evolution of the relationship between man and wolf from prehistoric times to the present day. In a scenovision space, live an extraordinary adventure under the dome of the Pyramid...
Then discover a prehistoric cave with a camp of Cro-Magnon men before switching to the land of history and hunting. For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a wolf and walk through the Phoebus trap... Following a maze of corridors, you can learn more about the biology of the wolf (morphology of the animal, life in a pack, feeding, etc.).
A unique experience with both fun and educational areas, not to mention a magnificent 20-hectare outdoor park where the walk takes you to our two wolfdogs, Néïs and Nahele. Other routes await you to learn more about the ecosystem of the pond, the way of life of the bat and the advantages of renewable energy
Our cultural site is accessible with a pushchair. Baby changing facilities on site. Snacks, picnic tables and a walking trail with an exceptional troglodyte spot. Educational activities and birthday parties.

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