L'Echelle de Sardy-les-Epiry et sa Vallée

Echelle des 16 Ecluses
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Take advantage of walks or bike rides on the greenway along the Canal du Nivernais to admire the exceptional alignment of 16 locks in the Sardy Valley, an impressive structure, unimaginable in its beauty and tranquility, and a source of inspiration and expression for artists.
The Sardy valley cannot be told, it must be experienced! Forget your watch, here time is counted in locks.
By boat, by bike or on foot, the song of the water on one side, the coolness of the forest on the other, you will get to know the inhabitants of this valley. The lock-keepers who go from lock to lock to allow the passage of boats, the boaters, furtive residents but indispensable to the life of the canal, the artists who express their talent through exhibitions in the lock houses or by using a lock, a garden, a mooring bitt as a backdrop... And the simple walkers who come to enjoy the ambient serenity. Everyone gives life to this place which was once a commercial route whose towpaths were only used by the horses and men who pulled the barges.
The 16 locks ladder is an unusual place, soothing, which frees the mind and feeds the imagination..
It stretches over 3.6 km, from the hamlet of Port-Brûlé to the village of Sardy-lès-Epiry. Access to the towpath is forbidden to vehicles, so you will have to park in the car parks at each end of the ladder and make the outward and return journey (7.2 km) or try to hitch a ride on the boat for the return journey
You can make this trip all year round, although it is much more interesting from April to October, when the canal is open to navigation.
Practical information: the Tourist Information Point at Lock 16 is available to answer all your questions over a good coffee or an ice cream from May to September from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm, every day.


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