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Terroirs with remarkable potential: today the vineyard extends over nearly 40 hectares which are divided into two groups: to the west, near the Loire, and to the east, in a more Burgundian atmosphere, on the large slopes overlooking the villages of Saint-Lay, Chasnay and Nannay. On these two terroirs, the vine finds ideal conditions to produce quality wines: clay-limestone soils, stony, quickly drained, on well-exposed slopes receiving generous sunshine. A range of high quality wines: since 1986, the vineyard has been awarded the designation of "vin de pays de zone". All these productions are subjected to a very strict approval which guarantees the quality. The white wines: Chardonnay - gives elegant, aromatic wines, long in the mouth, suitable for ageing and sometimes wooded in oak barrels from the Bertranges forest. Sauvignon - dry, fresh and lively wine, very fragrant with characteristic aromas of gunflint. Red wines - Pinot - a beautiful ruby colour, with red fruit aromas, which, after ageing in oak barrels, gives wines with a subtle and elegant bouquet. The Gamay is a light, fruity, pleasant, digestible and easy-drinking red, to be drunk young.


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