Mont de Marcilly

8 Chemin du Mont
Côte d'Or
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The Mont de Marcilly is located at the crossroads of two climatic influences (submontane and Mediterranean) which explains the richness of the flora of the area: 4 protected species, many orchids including the goat orchid. The trail allows the discovery of a rich flora, but also of a typical fauna over 1500 m with a beautiful panorama at the top. A leaflet-guide is available at the start of the trail, from the tourist offices, or for download:
A virtual visit is available on :

From Marcilly-sur-Tille to Til-Châtel, take the road D 959. After a few meters take on the right the "Chemin du Mont" street, you'll find a car park. You'll see a lot of wild orchids between April and May. Beautiful panorama at the summit


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