Atelier d'art ''La Castillane''

Status : Künstler, Kunstwerkstatt, Kunstgalerie

2, lieu dit La Serrée
Côte d'Or
Ph. +33 XX XX XX XX
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Georges Castille, painter, sculptor, plastic artist, over time and since always, comes out of his imagination of new forms, new sensibilities. Femininity is an essential and inexhaustible source for him. His works burst with his pleasure of life that he wants to transmit to all. He suggests without ever imposing, inviting us to enter his magical world.

His paintings in wood carved in relief, polychrome, shaped entirely by hand, are composed of several pieces like a puzzle. The ceramic effect obtained by an alchemy of materials, enhances the relief and movement on each of his works. Her polychrome sculptures with pure and harmonious lines, with voluptuous forms catch the eye and call for a caress. The shimmering colors come to sublimate them.

Wood, a living and noble material, is transformed in the artist's hands. The work is soft and warm to the eye. Each piece is unique, the wood shavings fly under the gouge guided by the artist's skilful hand, who perfectly masters each gesture. The wood becomes a sketch, then a work of art.

Georges Castille is a native of Dijon. He makes us discover the "Rosé de Bourgogne" marble and offers us sculptures with cleverly purified lines. The material is hard to work, the chisel makes the stone chips jump, time does not count, the artist plays with the difficulties.

As the days go by, the shapes appear, the lines and curves take shape. Then begins a long and meticulous work, the riffle, the gradine, the spur, the ognette enter in scene to dig, scrape, round. Then comes the turn of the sandpaper and finally the carborundum powder, for the ultimate smooth finish, perfect to the touch, calling for a caress

Sculpting, shaping, painting on a wall, bringing Art to the street, many Artists have already done it, do it and will always do it because they like to share.
To own a wall, to let his imagination wander on this unusual space, then to create a unique work that attracts the eye and challenges the passer-by, that is the pleasure of Georges Castille. He likes long term tasks. The size of the work to be created is a challenge, a new challenge.

Art is his Life and he devotes all his time to it. Since his youth he has painted on canvas. He still uses this support, from time to time; but these achievements do not bring him a satisfactory creativity. His pleasure lies in innovation, research and technique, again and again, and he keeps coming back to it.

He presents his creations in France, New York and Beijing.
In 2015, he received two Medals that reward his creative and innovative work
Medal of Honor Talents of Arts Today 2015
Gold Medal International Arts of China 2015

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Letzte Aktualisierung : 18/01/2022


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