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The excellence of a know-how
As Fabrice Gillotte says, "If I hadn't been a chocolate maker, I would be an architect". The creation of a chocolate requires a construction of taste, a delicate balance, a mastery of the material to reach an ideal, a coveted perfection. FG's world is filled with wonder by its creativity, its poetry and the finesse of its flavours. Each of his creations tells a story, a journey, a painting, a dish... his inspiration is inexhaustible. Scribbled on a notebook, noted in his phone, ideas come and go. The gustatory and artistic agreements are meticulously worked out until the much sought-after harmony is obtained.
Fabrice Gillotte was awarded the title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier-Confiseur" in 1991 and has won the Chocolate Awards seven times. He is one of the leading figures in international chocolate making. Perpetually turned towards innovation, almost like a provocation, it is today the title of "Créateur Chocolatier" that defines the man.
A family business
Since 1985, Fabrice and Catherine Gillotte have been at the head of a company that they have developed internationally. In 2010, their son Julien joined them to accompany this progression and to give a new look to the brand. Surrounded by a team of young and dynamic professionals, the Fabrice Gillotte brand adopts a unique development strategy. It now has 4 boutiques in France (Dijon, Norges-la-Ville, Beaune and Besançon), 1 in Dubai and 1 in Tokyo. With its national and international experience, Fabrice Gillotte continues its controlled and measured development.

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