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Cécile & Bruno BANK DE LOOF, dance and Qi Gong teachers, and both therapists for many years, offer meditation workshops. Meditation brings us back to Life, here and now. And teaches us to stay there... simply: The past no longer exists; the future has not yet arisen. Different approaches will be experimented throughout the year, not to oppose them, but to reveal their unity and their operativity, namely the way they are lived in the body.

Workshop led by Bruno, one Saturday/month, at 9:30 am
Registration by the quarter (Reservation and confirmation of your place by mail).
Reservation by email.
More information on the website: http://sensdansearttherapie.com/ateliers-mensuels/.

Espace Art Monie Sens

9 Rue du Tau 89100 - SENS
Cel. +33 XX XX XX XX
Cel. +33 XX XX XX XX
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Normalpreis57 €57 €Par trimestre (pour 3 ateliers d’1h30 chacun)


Letzte Aktualisierung : 05/01/2022

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