Centre Ayurvédique Marie de Bourgogne

27 Rue Jean-François Maufoux
21200 - BEAUNE
Côte d'Or
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The Marie de Bourgogne Ayurvedic Centre is made up of 5 treatment areas dedicated to all the techniques of Ayurveda, a consultation office, areas for the preparation of medicinal oils or pochons, which are added to the existing space of the Marie de Bourgogne Spa, adding up to an incredible sum of complementary skills dedicated to your well-being and your health! A multi-talented team including an Indian expert in Ayurveda... !

A unique concept in Burgundy and beyond!
The meeting of 2 universes, 50 centuries apart, at the service of your Wellness.

There are 5 treatment areas dedicated to all the techniques of Ayurveda, a consultation office, areas for the preparation of medicinal oils or pochons which are added to the existing space of the Spa Marie de Bourgogne, allowing the pooling of the reception, the changing rooms, the shop and the relaxation areas..
The whole gives birth to the Marie de Bourgogne Wellness Centre, a unique space of 600 m2, with 2 teams of professionals combining an incredible amount of complementary skills dedicated to your well-being and your health!

A multi-talented, multi-disciplinary team, recruited and trained by one of the best..
It is of course the human being and his skills that will guarantee the quality of the tailor-made experiences that will be offered to you at the Marie de Bourgogne Ayurvedic Centre, and this is why we have put together a unique team at the service of your well-being thanks to the union of different skills
To be able to offer you the whole range of Ayurvedic treatments, we needed a team with multiple and complementary skills, from the Indian doctor for the diagnoses to the therapists trained in all the richness of the Ayurvedic techniques..

What is crucial in Ayurveda is the preventive!
All the attentions and intentions of Ayurveda are aimed at awakening the innate intelligence of the body and mind, to restore their natural ability to prevent disease and maintain joy and serenity. The aim is to create an environment in which disease cannot take hold, to strengthen the body's natural defences and to stimulate the process of eliminating toxins and impurities in order to maintain health.

One of the central elements of Indian medicine, Ayurvedic massage (abhyanga) allows you to rebalance your doshas, thanks to personalized well-being massages.
Depending on your needs and imbalances, different massages are performed, of the whole body, of the head, of the feet. Our Ayurvedic doctor will define if the massage should be energetic and stimulating, slow or enveloping or fast and deep. The oils and plants used are also personalized and correspond to your needs.

Ayurvedic Treatments in the Pure Indian Tradition
The Marie de Bourgogne Ayurvedic Centre has a team of therapists trained in the rich and varied range of treatments specific to Ayurveda, in the pure Indian tradition. The furniture, the utensils, a large part of the products come directly from India, completed by local products with identical virtues, in order to privilege the short circuit as much as possible

Ayurvedic Cures
A real Ayurvedic cure in France is possible!
Thanks to our Indian Ayurvedic doctor and our team trained by one of the best practitioners in France, we can offer you tailor-made cures, either residential at the hotel le Cep***** or not. From a few hours to several weeks, you can enjoy personalized treatments and a cure worthy of the ancestral Ayurvedic medicine, just a step from your home! But that's not all, the Marie de Bourgogne Ayurvedic Centre offers you not only treatments, but also massages, yoga and meditation courses, walks in the vineyards and a whole range of activities that will allow you to refocus on what is essential: yourself!

An ayurvedic cure in France, but not only!
Ayurvedic cures were born in India, in the Kerala region, the cradle of Ayurvedic medicine. Today, Ayurveda is recognized by the WHO since 1982 as a real method of care and health. This is why we offer unique Ayurvedic stays that you can experience close to home, accompanied by professionals, native of India or trained. True to our tradition of hospitality, Hotel le Cep***** will offer you a wide range of complementary experiences, such as yoga and meditation classes, ayurvedic meals and healthy living advice, while allowing you to enjoy the Burgundian culture!

What to spend an unforgettable and exotic ayurvedic stay!

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