Les Ateliers d'Ampélos

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OenoCentre Ampélopsis 3 rue de l'Eglise
21400 - MASSINGY
Côte d'Or
Ph. +33 XX XX XX XX
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The Oenocentre Ampélopsis invites you to go further in the adventure of the vine and wine, to quench your thirst for experience. We have imagined a series of fun and sparkling workshops to share original and unforgettable moments in Burgundy with the winemaker.
Educational courses lasting from 2h30 to 3 hours, with or without the classic visit of the Oenocentre :

- Workshop 1 "VIGNAVENTURE": discovery of the life-size vine in the clos de l'abbaye Notre Dame (description of the plant, nature exploration, reading of the landscape).

- Workshop 2 "VINEYARD-TROTTEUR": getting to know the vineyards of France in the Garden of Bacchus (the history of wine, introduction to oenology, wine geography in the midst of 120 grape varieties of France).

- Workshop 3 "EFFERVE and SENSES": learn how to taste Crémant de Bourgogne (the service of Crémant, a tasting methodology through our 5 senses, the Crémant moments).

In a cellar or in a 12th century walled vineyard, in a vine conservatory or in a troglodyte house, live your own adventure in the exciting world of vines and wine.

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  • Französisch

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  • Willkommen auf dem Bauernhof Weinberge und Entdeckungen


  • Le Vignoble du Châtillonnais


Letzte Aktualisierung : 07/01/2022


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