Le Bief de Guérigny

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58130 - GUERIGNY
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A pleasant place to fish alone or with the family. Numerous piers built by the municipal services allow you to fish in complete safety. Pontoons for people with reduced mobility are installed

For more information, you can contact the association Le Garbot : (AAPPMA) of Guérigny "Le Garbot" currently manages the banks of the river Nièvre over the whole of the municipality of Guérigny (100 m upstream from the Poëllonnerie shovels to the Fennellerie, passing at the foot of the Villemenant castle), by the bief des Câbles (site of the Forges Royales de la Chaussade) as well as a part of the commune of Parigny les-Vaux and Saint-Aubin-les-Forges, situated in the first category (where trout are released on the occasion of the opening of the river, the second Saturday of March). Since the beginning of the year 2021, the association also manages a part of the Nièvre, in Poiseux.
In all these places, you can fish all kinds of fish. Fish such as roach, gudgeon, bleak, minnow, but also bigger fish such as pike, carp, tench, chub, perch, black bass (some catfish also swim in the Nièvre). You can also fish for crayfish with scales (limited to 6).


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