Domaine de la Petite Forge

Status : Weinbauer

Farbe des Weins : WeißweinRotwein

136 rue de la Petite Forge
58400 - RAVEAU
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Our oldest vines are planted on reef limestone formed over 160 million years ago (Oxfordian). This very poorly fertile soil imposes a low vigour on the vines, which are often planted directly on the rock and only manage to get water and minerals by sliding their roots through the deep cracks in the limestone slabs. It is this difficult relationship between the plant and the soil, the result of our constant care, which favours the production of wines with a very strong terroir identity. Thus, when tasted, the wines from the Queudres hillside, always fresh and long in the mouth, are distinguished by their finesse and aromatic purity
Our second vineyard is planted on bathonian rocks dating from the Middle Jurassic period. The soil is deep, composed of a high proportion of clay and limestone and enriched with siliceous pebbles. With a steep slope, this not very fertile terroir imposes a very moderate water regime on the vines, limiting their strength and favouring the production of concentrated grapes. It produces wines with complex and powerful aromas that are distinguished by their concentration and amplitude in the mouth
It is in the vineyard that the bulk of our work as winemakers takes place, based on the principle that the quality of our products is achieved by accompanying the growth of our vines. This is achieved through meticulous management of soil fertility and maintenance (grassing if necessary, ploughing, scratching), as well as pruning, de-budding, leaf removal and environmentally friendly disease control. Our yields are also kept low, 50 hectolitres/hectare in white, 40 in red.


Letzte Aktualisierung : 24/11/2021


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